Objective is to be visible: Few words from Sylvie RECOULES

France TBS Communication program in English

“Your first objective is to be visible. To make a difference, you need to create your own content and interviews and get added value.” – Sylvie RECOULES.

What your current job consists of and what’s your background? I’ve been working 16 years within LACROIX Defense within the Marketing & Sales Department in charge of international delegations and aviation exhibitions. In 2004, I was recruited for a period of 9 years to be a Communication Officer at Aeroconseil. My job was dedicated to internal events and public-press relations. Then, from 2012 to 2014 I joined Airbus, an international company in the aviation industry based in Balgnac. There, I worked as a Communication Officer and was working on global communication.

Today, I am the Educational Coordinator (Correspondant pédagogique)  for the Master of Science in Marketing, Management & Communication which is a part of the SM² Cluster at Toulouse Business School. Aside from the University, I also decided to create my own company “Link-Com” in 2014. The company is an integrated communication agency where we do Communication, Consultancy and Training in B2B.

How to develop your network? For a long time there wasn’t a website for Link-Com. It may not be the best solution and that it is not what I teach to my students. But for me, the most important in my field is to develop a network by word of mouth.  What I also think is pertinent in our business is to keep your professional network active and proactive. What that means is staying visible by always keeping in touch with your colleagues, associates, and clients new and old and to join clubs such as “Club de la Com”. Now I have a website, I will have to update its success to readers in another post. http://www.link-com.fr 

Is there anything else you would like to tell us? I am happy to announce that I am Datadock certified. Please click here for more information. I am also in charge MSc. Management & B.U. Development – Blended Learning, in the Continuing Education program at Toulouse Business School. I would also like to encourage students to provide testimonials on my LinkedIn website. Student feedback is very important to me. https://www.linkedin.com/me/profile-views/urn:li:wvmp:summary/

– Sylvie RECOULES, Instructor at TBS, Global Communications for the Successful Organization

Below is a link to Sylvie’s Com’ Pitch for her new book : Pro en… Communication: 62 outils – 12 plans d’action métier 



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