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Parisian–Asian Cuisine

Many people have told you that French cuisine is a must try. However in Paris, it is a golden opportunity to try the most delicate Asian cuisine. As a Taiwanese living abroad, food is not only a physiological need, but “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.” – Auguste Escoffier. Thanks to my best friend Sean, I have visited these restaurants many times.

Here is my pocket list that I would like to share with you!

Le 37m 2 – Feels Like I Am Back In Taiwan!

64 Rue Sainte-Anne, 75002, Paris, France 

Price: €10~15/person

Every time I walk into the restaurant, it feels like home. The name ‘Le 37m2’ stems from their first restaurant location which was just 37m2.During 50 years of Japanese occupation in Taiwan, serving quality home-style bento boxes on the train has been a tradition. Here you will find the most authentic Taiwanese crispy fried chicken and bubble tea with very good value for money. All the side dishes are special and freshly prepared. Occasionally, you may discover limited offers, such as beef noodle soup and chicken noodle soup with mushrooms. If you have not been to Taiwan, Le 37m2 is a good way to start your journey.

Aigle D’orient – Wow, Truly Chinese Taste!

7 Rue Marguerite de Rochechouart, 75009, Paris, France

Price: €15~20/person

If you are fond of Chinese cuisine, you are in the right place. As you may know, sharing food is a Chinese dining style. We believe this social way of eating will strengthen relationships by bringing people together. Aigle D’orient is famous for its paper-wrapped fish – a new generation of healthy grilled fish from Chongqing. It combines the characteristics of Korean paper barbecue and traditional Wanzhou grilled fish. Besides, I recommend Sweet and Sour Fish and Stir-fried String Beans. Next time you want to impress an Asian friend, Aigle D’orient is here for you!

T’Xuan – Chinese Dessert With Elegant Ornamentation 

56 Rue la Fayette, 75009, Paris, France

Price: €6~10/person

Walking into T’Xuan, feels as if you are travelling through time to an ancient tea room in China. The desserts they serve are named “Tong Sui” and originate from a Guangdong tradition. It has later been reinvented in Hong Kong, which presents the heritage and a product of westernization and innovation. Fresh fruits, milk, and various high-quality ingredients are mainly used in Cantonese desserts and presented as wonderful ornaments. Mango Sago and Mango & Black Glutinous Rice with Icecream are the famous desserts in Cantonese cuisine. My favourites are Rose Mille Crepe Cake, a French/Cantonese Fusion and Mango Double-Boiled Milk Pudding.

Sanukiya– One Michelin Authentic Udon & Tempura 

9 Rue d’Argenteuil, 75001, Paris, France

Price: €15~20/person

Seeking alternatives to regular Ramen? With six years of consecutive honour from the Michelin Guide, Sanukiya’s Udon is totally worth a try. The legend of Udon can be found in the Tang Dynasty, AD 774. The method of making the noodles was brought by Master Hongfa. It is the prototype for “Sanuki udon” as we know it today. Even a French cannot resist the Japanese style noodles (Udon) and Tempura in Sanukiya. The restaurant is one of the most popular places in Paris. Order a dish of Shrimp Tempura Udon, the taste will only exceed your expectations. I sincerely recommend you to visit Sanukiya earlier than lunchtime, at around 11:30 am. It is always very busy with many customers queuing outside the small restaurant. The lunch set is great and very reasonably priced.

天ぷらうどん tempura udon (€15)

On The Bab Paris – Korean Street Food

18 Rue Thérèse, 75001, Paris, France

With a modern-industrial interior design, On The Bab has just arrived in Paris last year. Korean street food vendors made a significant influence on society after World War II. The reason why I recommend the place is not only because of the bibimbap. They also serve three specialities: On the Rice (Korean sauce with meat and rice, €14), On The Rolls (Rice rolls with Korean spicy meat, €15) and On The Buns (Steamed flat buns with grilled meat, €14). The fried chicken with garlic mayo or a spicy sauce on top is another mouthwatering dish. By offering people affordable and delicious meals, street food has become an important part of food culture in South Korea.

On The Buns (Steamed flat buns with grilled meat, €14)

Korean-style fried chicken (€8 S/€18 M /€35 L)

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