During this tough period of confinement, TBS Paris BDE would like to bring some entertainment back to you. 

In February, when life was still pretty dynamic, we went around interviewing our school mates with 3 questions to know their thoughts about our campus. 

“What do you like about our campus?” the interviewer started

Out of all the interviewees, majority of them despite the size, actually appreciate wholeheartedly the itsy-bitsy part of our campus. Many said that it is what makes the campus cozy. The petite size also makes everyone become one family easier, building a small community. 

Everyone agreed that being in the 15th district of Paris was a big plus. The international environment of our campus matches the metropolitan city fame. Indeed, TBS Paris campus is of today a 18-nationality community covering almost all continents of the world (Europe, North America, Central America, North Africa, Asia). 

Moreover, TBS Campus staff like Sarah, Élodie, Louis-Marie, Fréderique and even Tiffany from the main Campus are always so approachable that it’s an icing on the cake!

“What represents TBS in your heart?” the interviewer followed

“Top business school”

“Sense of home”

“Think and Create”

“Sarah” “Our great professors”

“The people I have met here”

“It is truly international”

“Many languages in one school” 

“Paris” “Diversity”

“A touch of Toulouse in Paris”

“Luxury” “Tourism” “Strategy”

What more can I conclude except to give a toast to TBS Paris Campus for its all-the-great things-in-one-place!

“Why did you choose TBS?” the last question our interviewer posted

It is not just being one of the best tourism programmes in the world or one of the top business schools which offers luxury/strategy courses that our school mates have chosen TBS Paris to pursue their superior studies. The strong alumni network and ”because it is in Paris!”, is above all, the most popular reason for our campus to be chosen.  

It is great to say that our campus made the Parisian dream come true for many. It provided everyone from every corner of the world an opportunity to connect and  become one big international family! 

Before lifting my fingers from the keyboard, TBS BDE Paris would like to wish everyone good health, stay safe and see you all soon!

Verine KOK, MSc. International Strategic Business, Class of 2020


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