Keep Calm and Enjoy the London Elective

“London is a window that opens to the British culture. London’s bustling with a lively crowd and a colorful shopping environment. It has a classic British atmosphere and avant-garde ideas from around the world and I really enjoy it ” – Meng LUO

Here is just a few places that we discovered while we were in London for our elective.

Tower Bridge: The Tower Bridge is the first bridge over the Thames Estuary. It is the symbol and gateway of London. When there are 10,000 tons of ships passing on the Thames, you can see the famous Tower Bridge opening scene. After a century of vicissitudes, the Tower Bridge still supports the increasingly heavy traffic in London.Tower Bridge is very beautiful from any angle. Standing on the bank of the Thames, you can see the panora- mic view of the tower bridge, two towers and arc-shaped ornaments are very delicate.

Coppa Club: The Coppa club is located beside the Thames and you can see far beyond the Tower Bridge and the coast. This is a very famous restaurant on the ins, the best is the igloo ball. The ball is made of defensive plastic material last year and then it changed to a glass ball in order to stabilize. Food, when you find what you are looking for, can be delicious.

The exterior looks very much like a typical building in northern Europe, very classical. Goods are niche designer brands or New arrival of some luxury brand. The service is also great, love it.

– Meng LUO, MSc International Luxury Industries Marketing & Management, Class of 2019

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