Student Profiles: Chih Yi Lin (Cathy) and Runyi Li (Alice)

Chih Yi Lin (Cathy)

In Asia, parents protect their child very much, which is a bad thing that we are often less independent and has less points of view than people from western countries. And of course, I was one of those before I went to college.

At the first year of college, I found it very hard to adapt since college is the time that a teenager has to learn to be an adult. Those years are the hardest yet had made me change and grow the most. In those four years, I experienced love, friendships, study abroad and family problems, etc.

In my second year of college, I learned how to truly love a person and how to be loved. He was a good guy who has a beautiful soul and a mature mindset. That was one of the most unforgettable time. However, as we were still young, we didn’t have a good ending. At the same time, my mom and dad divorced. I started to think about what do I really want in my life. I had wished myself to become an independent and a strong woman. I improved my personality and set goals for my future. From now when I look back, I am thankful to the person who made me become a better person, and to the frustrations which motivated me to pursue my goals. After then, I have done a lot of things that enrich myself.

Four years of college was definitely the most meaningful time, which has shaped me into the person who I am right now.


Li, Runyi (Alice)

What makes me who I am? We can find a lot of reason. For me, my family and the different experiences in my growth are always influencing every part of me. As a open-minded Chinese girl, I am so lucky to grew up in an open and democratic family. My parents and grandparents were not the rich and powerful people but they always try to give me a wonderful childhood and an easy cozy life. Although I am the only child in my family, they did not spoil me but created a kind of warm and loving atmosphere in my growth. The positivism and optimism are the main spirits that I inherit from my family.

Thanks to my parents, when I was little, I had travelled many places and had seen not only the majority of beautiful views of China but also different cultures in other countries. Because my parents travelled a lot for work and they often brought me with them. My mother worked in an international business company, and my father is a journalist. They all agree that travelling can broader people’s mind, and good for developing the adaptation and flexibility. As a result, travelling became one of my favorite things, and that’s why I choose the tourist program as my major in TBS. Meanwhile, the traditional Chinese cultures were been taught everyday by my grandparents. They always said that have a heart with kindness and love is the norm to be a human.

While life is not just a bed of roses, in addition to the comfortable family life, as we grow older, life will always have some ups and downs. Different experiences, no matter good or bad, they all taught me to be more rational and to be brave to face the different problems. Overall, like other people, I am normal. But with the spirits that I inherit from my family and the experiences that I had, I am also confident girl with a warm heart.

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