Student Profiles: Jing Huang and Siying Li


My name is HUANG Jing, I come from China. Many people may be wondering why I am here, well, it’s a long story. I got bac+3 in China and then I started work for a construction company implanted in Algeria as an French interpreter, I work so hard and I got several times promotions in nine years: chef of bureau, assistant of the director, commercial director and since last year I became the acting general director of branch office in Algeria. I have been through many tough situations for example when the execution of construction contract went wrong causing a lot of problem and we are lost the trust of our partners and must pay a large penalty, I always try to find the solution and fix all the things even it’s beyond my reach and my responsibility. It’s stressful and difficult. I must find a way to handle the pressure, so I play the badminton, tennis with my friends every week. It’s not easy as a young manager, it’s even harder to be a female manager. For me, there’s no more chance to promote to a higher post. I look around of me, I only have the work but nothing else. So, I decide to improve myself in many ways. The first thing is to reinforce my competence in management, ameliorate the communications skills and developing on the marketing.

My work experience tells me that never give up, do what you can do, and do what you should do. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

However, sometimes we don’t have choice but to accept. When I worked in Algeria, my grandmother was not well, she hasn’t any sick, but just too old, and then, she passed away. I was the only person who wasn’t stay with her at that moment because of my work. I feel so sad and regrets. So, the family always the softest part of my heart. My parents haven’t give me too much money but they encourage me. Normally in China, the girls like my age already get married, but when I decide to back to school, my parents are happy but worry about me too. Anyway, they support me to do what I want to do, they always said that you make your own decision and take your responsibility. I’m very proud of be their daughter and I’m also grateful for having this opportunity to study in Toulouse Business School in Paris.


LI, Siying

Hello. I’m Siying. This is really a great honor to have this oppprtunity to study in ISB. Do you know the word “Cantonese”? You could see “cantonese food “ in some big cities around the world. Yes, I come from Canton and mother language is Cantonese. The reason why I chose Paris campus is that it has my favorite major and gives me a sense of art and literature. Because I love poems and oil painting , so I would like to go to museums and stationers in my free time. I have stayed in here for about one year. Paris campus of TBS, not only can I pursue my favorite major but also can participate in some lecteratural activities and fashion shows.Particularly,I am very interesting in the clothing industry so that I hope I can meet some interesting people who also have great experiences in starting up this business. The fashion industry in France enjoys a high international reputation. At college I ever participated in the management of a fashion photography studio, mainly responsible for the fashion department. Therefore I generated a strong interest in clothing industry. French fashion brands have a important position in China’s consumer market, quality and marketing planning of a lot of products are better than those of Chinese local brands.It has driven me to orient to beauty and fashion industry which has always intrigued me and acquire creative strategy management skill during my study in France. In my academic journey in TBS, I will be like a duck, stay calm on the surface but paddle like hell underneath.

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