Student Profiles: Yan Zhao and Melisa Arroyo


I was a mischievous girl born in a small city of China. I always liked to try new things and take adventure which made some trouble for my parents. After I finished high school, I started my new journey, went aboard and studied in Malaysia. It was a great experience for me, I met different countries of friends and traveled across of Asia. At 27 years old, I decided to quit my job which I worked 3 years as an investment manager, it was time to refresh and recharge myself, so I came to study in Toulouse Business School.  TBS is always working on Think & Create, which totally matches the personal character with me. I think I will obtain business knowledges and personal growth at same time in the TBS.

ARROYO, Melisa
Hello everyone! I’m Melisa Arroyo, a Mexican 26 years old girl who is accomplishing the dream of doing a master degree in France on International Strategic Business (ISB) at TBS campus Paris! I can tell you a lot of things about myself (some so interesting, amazing, full of experiences and others so common and ordinary) but the most important aspect that you have to keep in mind is that I’m here with all the attitude of getting the best of this stage in my life: traveling all around Europe, creating networking in the business area and learn as much as posible of all of you. I’m excited about developing myself in a profesional way, learning how to work in a cross-cultural mode and how to adapt in a diversity enviroment. I strongly believe that my 4 years of professional experience in the automotive industry (Nissan) on Strategic Marketing, Product Marketing and Product Planning will enrich the knowledge adquired inside the classroom. If you are thinking about go out to dance, taking some courses in French beacause you don’t have any idea, travelling to unkown beautiful places or taking a cup of coffee in front of the Eiffel Tower, please do not hesitate in contact me: I’m a nice girl!
So…..Let’s start with this journey!

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