Student Profiles: Nizar Nazir and Mengyu Mao

NAZIR, Nizar

I am pleased to introduce myself as Nizar, previously worked as a sales consultant with Mercedes-Benz passenger cars for over a year back in India, which gave me a complete experience over a luxury brand. Though my fascination towards luxury was from my youth, until i underwent a training with Luxury Academy London which made me turn my fascination into passion which made me choose my course on luxury at TBS Paris, that I expect to develop into a professional and this specialized education which will furthermore change my passion into career.

I hold my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at CEG, Anna University in Chennai, India. It was here my zeal had taken an initial contour. Soon after my undergraduate education i had worked two years with PEPSICO manufacturing unit where i served as a maintenance engineer. At work I was known for my attention to detail and never miss my deadlines, and was always appreciated about my professionalism by my superiors.

In conclusion I would like to add that the essence of university education lies in the synergistic relation between the student and his department. I feel that the master’s study here will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits and a major step towards achieving my objectives in near future. And i truly believe I can do nothing but the best when my passion and career goes hand in hand.


MAO, Mengyu

This is MAO Mengyu. You can also call me Zoe if it is hard to pronounce my Chinese name. By the way, I’m the youngest one in our luxury program. For the past 22 years, I lived in a familiar and comfortable environment with my dear family members and friends. Even though I can still live my life in that kind of way, new attempt is more attractive to me. Life is all about challenge. That’s why I choose to learn more in Paris and in TBS.

Actually, it’s my first time to live on my own in a foreign country which is far away from home for more than one year. At first, my parents are worried about me because they do not have much confidence in me for taking good care of myself. However, one can not know what he can do until he has a try. If I can deal with all different matters abroad, it could be a great promotion of my personality and capability. Then the fact proved that, I can do much better that what I thought. In Paris, I meet friends from all over the world, put my life into a regular way, and hang out with friends in my spare time to go shopping or visit different kinds of museums and so on. Although language could be a problem sometimes, I will also work hard and try to integrate myself into the city and the country.

Since Paris is a wonderland for art, fashion and so on, I have great longing for a bright future.


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