Student Profiles: Chiayi (Olivia) Ho and Pinchao Chen

Ho, Chiayi (Olivia)

To be honest, being a student, I was always the rebel type of student, often against the rules and want to make things more fair, so I guess that fair is probably my personal issue.

As a Taiwanese student go abroad to western world, I often have to face a problem is that: western people don’t really understand the difference between us and Chinese. I can understand that we the Asians looks alike, which is fine to be confused, but the nationality is a more political sensitive issue, I just hope that someday I don’t have to pretend to be a Chinese just to make others feels easier.

So, in order to eliminate my pressure and nervous, I went shopping often, yet I’m not as rich as I dream of, so I went to vintage store instead. I got some really good time in there, shopping for something beautiful and cheap is such a lovely thing.

Living in a big city was never an easy job, but before I start to survive, I’m still enjoying it.


Chen, Pinchao

It is every challenge makes me who I am. I was a conservative, serious and indecisive person, thanks to my professional experience, I become more adaptive, open-minded and adventurous.
I was educated under traditional oriental system. My family and teachers taught me being modest, backward and not to be different from my peer. I wore uniform from kindergarten till high school. No matter what shape I am, I should always be square, as all the elders expected.
After graduation, I was fortunate to join a Management Trainee Program in an International Trading Company as a Merchandiser in China. I played a role to balance between manufactures and hypermarket buyers.
By dealing with challenges, I learned lots of solid skills, such as crisis management, cross-departmental communication, and making better choices. Through these, I developed my potential characters gradually. Every urgent crisis forced me to suit different conditions. Every communica-tion forced me to broaden my mind. Every dilemma forced me to learn making brave decision.
I become enjoying changing and being brave but not reckless. Now I am standing on the starting point of my TBS journey. What kind of person I am going to be? For the future, about me, to be continued…

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