Student Profiles: Julien Bourelly and Rong Chai

Bourelly, Julien

Growing up alone with my mother who worked no less than 10 hours a day could have been destablizing or use as an excuse not to take control of my life. Indeed, apart from some “whims” during my teenage years, that was more the trigger to surpass myself and an extra motivation to make her proud. If I decide from a very young age and still today to practice a lot of sport, it’s because I believe that we are in sport as we are in life and sport instills in me many values that I put into practice in my personal life and professional: rigour and combativeness with tennis, team spirit and communication through football.
In general, I consider self-derision, humour and by default: creativity as my main characters. Even if it is necessary to be pragmatic in the professional world, I try to be light and sarcastic. I think that this is probably why, after scientific studies through that I didn’t recognize myself, I decided to turn to communication. These last 4 years have been beneficial because I have been able to accumulate experience in agencies where I always had a major position where I had creative freedom. I would like to continue in this vein and work in Brand Management and contribute to the development and implementation of brand storytelling.
Music, and more particularly urban (rap) music of the 1990s, is part of the an integral part of my life. If I like this style of music, it’s because I like to see to how these singers have played an educational role for youth in distress and promotes values that are dear to me, such as surpassing oneself and to have perserverance.


CHAI, Rong
My name is Chai Rong. Chai is my family name. As for Rong, It is like lotus flower. Actually, there was an emperor in Chinese history whose name was the same as me. So my father gave me a name——Rong. He hope me be successful. I am 25 years old. I am from China. I was born in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province. It is a
fantastic tourism city, famous for its natural beauty. I graduated from Zhejiang University City College of advertising.
I deeply love photography very much, the photography lets me feel  the charm of life better. In my every day’s life, helping others to make some pictures is my pleasure. I am also interested in painting and designing. I hope that I can keep creative all the time.
Life and learning experiences tell me, no matter what I am facing, It is necessary to have a hard struggle, positive and optimistic to solve problems. The three words are actually what I can summarize who I am. I believe if I am positive about things, I am hopeful and confident and think about what is good in a situation rather than what is bad.



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