Student Profiles: Océane LEUDET and Julien Drouart

LEUDET, Océane

I will base this description on what I usually heard about my self. I think I can say that I am an happy and smiling person. I like to meet people and have fun with them. I also do appreciate to share a beer with my friends, have a peaceful moment wth them and laugh. People around me also said that I am independent, I just do what I have decided to do. One other thing that may describe me will be travelling. Since I have been in Ireland thanks to the Erasmus program, I love to plan new travel. At the moment, I have more look around Europe than the rest of the world. one of my life objectives is to go in every country of this world. Hopefully it can be done. I appreciate to discover a new culture, lifestyle and share mine.

I feel good when I am close to the sea. When I saw it, hear it or feel the wind of fresh air on my face. For me the best sensation is when I am on the water, head including. It make me feel quite, peaceful, happy and without problem. And that happen evevn if I am on the sea or a swimming pool.


Drouart, Julien

My name is Julien DROUART. I’m 23 years old. I come from Caen, in Normandy (France). I’m single.

After the high school, I went to the university technology institute in Measures Physics (MP). Then, I went the EI.CESI , an engineering school during 3 years in alternation with AREVA NC. My job was to handle risks and opportunities in nuclear dismantling.

Now I’m doing a MS Marketing Management and Communication with TBS in alternation with Saint Gobain because I want to mix my engineer skills with marketing and communication skills. I am assistant’s product manager for metal ceiling in different kind of building. After the MS Marketing Management and Communication, I would like to be product manager in the industry or the environment.

About me, I like:

  • Listening music (I like all kind of music, but the best music is electro);
  • Watching series (Game of Thrones is the best series ever);
  • Travelling (I visited about 20 countries, I love that)
  • Sharing time (and drinks) with my friends!
  • Making jokes, but they are not always good.

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