Where do designers, artists and writers meet? At the OFR bookstore/gallery

As we walked towards the OFR Librairie, I felt like we just found a hotspot party, but it was a vernissage (art opening) for a local painter.  There were people in and outside of the store milling around and enjoying the ambience of a parisien evening with a glass of wine at hand, in the hippest area in Paris.  

During the first week of Orientation, some of the students who were interested in the culture association went to a book store in the Marais, not to shop, but for an art opening. The OFR is not just an ordinary store it is a book store with an incredibly well scrutinized selection of fashion, art, mode, travel for those who still enjoy the tactile feel of a book or magazine.  What’s more is there is a nice gallery space in the back of the store that allows artists and designers to display their work and collection.  One could spend hours just perusing through the variety of books and magazines but also to see the newest artwork from an up and coming artist or the trendy items from an international cult fashion designer.  The idea is not revolutionary but the way in which it is executed is quite simply cool.

The husband and wife team has a created a place that covers almost everything you want from a trip to Paris and of course a daily existence for the locals.  Alexandre Thurmurelle and Michaela Lee gives homage to all things a la mode.  And at the end of the evening I actually felt like I had attended a cultural party event.

From Timeout Paris, “Adored by fans of fashion and contemporary arts magazines, Ofr. bookshop stocks fanzines, arty postcards, boutique publications and fashion accessories. You can find everything from the latest issue of Love to the best street style shots of Facehunter, but Ofr. is also an independent publishing house that creates works in collaboration with a wide range of artists, like the photographer Ami Sioux. Just moments from République, Ofr. regularly holds exhibitions on anything from children’s art to modernist graphics, surfing to Basque dance – nothing scares this ultra-specilaits avant-garde space. Also check out the boutique at the rear, where you’ll find up-and-coming fashion labels and more exhibitions.” BY: EP/EH

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