Inside LVMH with Cyrielle VELLERA

TBS Enlgish taught program

December 2017 marked the launch of Inside LVMH program that allured bright minds all over the world to share their innovative ideas with LVMH group. The core idea of the program is to bring new ideas to the company by appealing to international students and, then, reward those with great innovations with further employment or prizes. Students were challenged to imagine the luxury experience of tomorrow to build the future of tradition.

The process was split in different stages:

  1. Teams make 2-slide presentations where they describe what their projects are about and what know-how they imply.
  2. Then starts the period of dialogue with ambassadors where the latter answer questions that can arise among teams while they are working out 10-slide presentations and short 1.30 min videos. Now presentations cover all features and subtleties of the project as well as market and global environment analysis whereas videos shall wrap up the idea in a more dynamic and creative way.
  3. Finally, best innovative project from each university is selected for onward competition which result in choice of 3 best teams that will present their ideas before the jury at the final event. Only one team will, eventually, get everything and the rest will walk away with nothing.

Throughout the work on the project the teams from TBS were supported by one of professors, Cyriell Vellera, who helped us not only with the development of an idea but also with its visualization. She arranged a workshop with one of the companies specializing on prototypes,

web sites designing and diverse crafts. She constantly maintained communication with teams, thus, we could have been advised on the quality and realization of the project.

Bottom line, starting from zero, having no idea about the luxury market or any innovations relevant for this industry dozens of students from TBS not only came with something new and creative but managed to explain it from different perspectives namely financial, marketing, global, sociological and economical.

– Alexander NIKIFOROV, MSc International Strategic Business, Class of 2019

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