Student Profiles: Xiaoling Li and Shuli Qi

Li, Xiaoling

My name is XIAOLING LI ,I come from HEFEI ,the capital of AHHUI province in China. I am a student of Class ISB. I am an outgoing girl,so I have a lot of hobbies,such as listen to music,watch tv, traveling, hiking,foods and so on. Of all the hobbies, I like foods and traveling, traveling is the best, I also like take different delicious foods from different place and experience different life . Do you know me? Do you like traveling? If so , let us make good friends with each other.

About myself? It is really like a story.I am the only child in my family , so like most he major i studied in was art design, you may think i will become a designer,and just sit in front of the computer draw the pictures everyday in my office.


Qi, Shuli

Actually, after I graduated from university I began to think about what I really wanted to do. Also I like painting, but when interesting become your job ,you may hate it. So in my opinion , I need to find something i good at it , only like this I can get achievement from my work. So i began to start my own business from 2009.

In the past, I ran my own small media company. The companies cooperate with others to do brand promotion, make product planning and help some government departments to design the exhibition.

I thought my life would be so peaceful continuing like this, but suddenly a bad thing happened. In 2012, my boyfriend’s construction company bankrupted. His debt was more than 30 million RMB that was loaned from bank.  We were broke and then I accompany with him leave our hometown and went to Beijing starting from 0. Fortunately, we had a new development in the past 5years.

During this period, I gradually realized that what I got was not enough for me.I wanted to improve and enrich myself through further study. We had a good start in business,but we cannot manage it. Then I told my thoughts to my boyfriend , I told him I wanted go aboard for study I need to learn more about business and management in an international angle. He supported my decision.

The new problem came, after I graduated from university I never spoke English to communicate with others, i nearly forget all English words. Then I began to attended English course ,sat with some high school students and university students together to study English. I have took the Ielts exam 5 times. Passed the interview of Toulouse Business school. Finally I receive the offer from the school.

Now, i live in a apartment in Paris, which is my dream city. And everyday I sit in the classroom of Toulouse Business School. I know my weakness is language,sometimes it is hard for me to understand my teacher’s words or express my thinking. But I still insist concentration to listen.but any way,i believe I will become better and better. Because I always working hard.   Thanks to TBS, I think it must be my best choice.




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