Art, Luxury, Brands: Diving into the Brand Universe

Define your brand at TBS Paris English Luxury marketing program

TBS Paris hosted a four-day elective seminar linking the influence of art on luxury brands. Lecturer Cendrillon BELANGER, with a background in Art History and graduate from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, challenged us on concepts such as Brand content, the Brand universe and Brand DNA. She took an unconventional approach to classic courses on Branding. I really appreciated this new perspective.

For a person like me who has never been in contact with the world of luxury, I felt a bit overwhelmed in the beginning with all the information that was shared with us. Mme BELANGER showed us many advertisements for luxury brands, especially the application and performance of some works of art in luxury advertisements. She pushed us to understand that that luxury brand advertising is not only limited to simple display of products, but also a manifestation of brand positioning and product image in the brand content.

Mme BELANGER invited different guest speakers to provide us with an insider understanding of how art, luxury and brands can come together. We heard from Jenny MANNERHEIM, Founder and Creative Director at EACH x OTHER. For me personally, this was a very big surprise, because I like the brand very much. Each season’s design is in cooperation with different artists and designers. Simple and stylish, with a neutral style!

We also heard from artist Emmanuelle MAFILLE who not only showed us her works of art but also shared her experiences and insights about art. We were able to combine her works of art to create collaborative collaboration for different luxury brands!

Eric MICHEL an artistic advisor for French products such as champagne and perfume as well as scientific research centers came to speak with us reinforcing the importance of creating you own personalized brand universe.

To conclude the elective seminar, the class went to visit the exposition of MARGIELA/GALLIERA at Palais Galliera, Musee de la Mode de la Ville de Paris. The exhibition is composed of the pieces made by Belgian Fashion designer Martin Margiela from 1989 to 2009. Through the exposition, we can see how amazing the design structure is. This designer questioned the structure of the fashion system by often using a deconstructing element in his work.

This exhibition was a perfect complement to the course as I was able to see that Martin Margiela was his brand and his lifestyle was a part of his brand universe.

– XuanXuan ZHU, MS Marketing, Management and Communication, Promo 2019

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