The Creative Know-How with London’s Collider Agency

During the elective week in London about the Agency Client Relationship, the 15 students that we were have jumped into the agency world. In addition to class content we were able to speak and interact with professional of the field, who have gave us amazing tips and examples of their works. Especially on Wednesday the 21st of March when the whole group has been kindly invited by the Collider Agency to visit their office and experience a typical day in their agency.

As soon as we arrived, we received a warm welcome from Richard French, the managing director of Collider. Following this welcome some of their colleagues  showed us some creative examples of the Collider Campaigns for clients such as Manomasa and De Beers.

After this time of discovering the agency and their way of working, Charlotte Bunyan, head of strategy, gave us one of their agency projects that they were currently working on which was the Mahabis slippers. In 20 minutes and in 3 groups we had to prepare and present a proposal for the client. It was an application of the previous class from Amit Patel, in what we could call a real time work project. The collider agency expected from us to present the target, the strategy, the creative idea and an action plan. As in a co-creation system, they listen our proposal and react about it. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are already exited to see what Collider will offer to Mahabis.

We also won’t forget this instructive experience and the amazing welcome of the agency and all the co-workers! Who knows, maybe in the future, one of us will work for Collider.


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