CHANGE, the Charity Association

As a TBS student, I had the amazing opportunity to be a member of CHANGE, the TBS Paris Charity association. This has been one of the greatest experience this year as a student and as the President of the association to work in a multicultural environment. Three words would perfectly describe this experience: challenging, resourceful and rewarding.

A challenging adventure because when you start from nothing and you try to build something it is a real challenge: finding a name, express our mission and vision, creating events, … Since it was the first year of this association, we had to develop partnerships with and common projects with other existing associations. Finally, we managed to work and participate with three very different non profit associations: Trinité Solidarité, Mon Copilote and SINGA.

Being part of CHANGE was also a resourceful experience. Indeed, working in a multicultural environment with great people has definitely contributed to develop creative solutions and projects. Thanks to all the members and their dedication, we are working on different projects such as one to help refugees to learn more about using the computer and understanding tools of Microsoft Suite with SINGA.

Some members in action at the Soup Kicthen. Tips to make a great soup : veggie chopping, a lot of good energy and a natural sens of sharing !

Finally, we can say that this adventure was a rewarding journey! Every member had this feeling and particularly after participating with the Soup Kitchen. All the stress and the anxiety you accumulated during the week seem insignificant after the Soup. Why is that? Basically, because you can see that you directly give a little of your time to those in need. You also become conscientious of the chance you have to enjoy daily meals, wearing clean clothes and having access to decent housing.

My sincere hope is that the association CHANGE will continue to grow and become in the next few years one of the biggest student associations!

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– Rose HILAL, MSc International Strategic Business, Class of 2019

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