Student Profile: Pragya Singh

Singh, Pragya

My upbringing in an Indian household has majorly contributed in making the person I’m today. I have spent 25 years of my life in India, my values, culture, ways of communication are highly influenced by my socio-geographical setup. Other than the fact that I carry my nationality with utmost pride where ever I go, I’m a little more than that.

I as a person loves to read and write poetry. Reciting my own work in front of a large audience gives me a satisfaction that is hard to express. This love for poetry was not always there, in fact, it has developed in the last couple of years.

During my post graduation, I ended up hearing a recitation by an eminent poet in India. Words can stir you, can change you, can re-make you and can destroy you; I learned, post this coincidental or destined encounter. I wanted to know more about poems, to be honest, I wanted to hear more poems with the same intensity as this exceptionally talented poet did. When I tried to search more, I found a spoken word retreat. People from different walks of life were there, reciting their work and I knew, I have to do this.

In one month, I wrote more than 40 poems and I ended up publishing my work.

This incident made me realize I can do anything I will set my mind upon, nothing new, everyone knows that. But, to experience it myself that changed me.

Today, I know I have more things to learn, to experience, to know and understand and today, I’m open for any and every change to come into my life.

Yes, this is me. An Indian girl who knew what she wanted to do in life to a girl who knows she can do anything in life. Maybe in some years with some other destined or coincidental encounter, I will change again and my being will be defined by that. But for now, I’m a poetess who loves to listen, to recite, to sit in nature and write.

If the question of why I’m here comes to your mind, then let me re-emphasize, I’m an Indian girl who loves to recite and write but that’s not enough to stay alive.

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