Student Profile: Elise Rokita

Rokita, Elise

I will describe myself by telling a few anecdotes and stories that I created and that I own. I just turned 21 this week and I realized that I am still so young and question myself a lot. I have a limited self-confidence, and I know that I shouldn’t because I made things
that not everybody can do. I spent one year abroad and I just came back in France last July. I learned to leave alone, to make things by my own. I first lived for four months in Munich, Germany where I was at the university. Then I flew to Sydney, Australia where I
spent seven months. I am proud of myself to have lived in Australia alone, without knowing anybody because it is a very hard challenge. Flying to Australia was clearly my biggest dream since a few years. It is a 24-hour flight, which is so long and I knew I couldn’t come back in France while I was there. But this was my decision. The result is that time flew really fast and I fell in love with this amazing city. My dream has now evolved: I want to fly back there and why not live there for the rest of my life.  Thanks to this year abroad now I can say that I am like a globetrotter. Travels are my passion and I want to discover as many countries as I can. I travelled before this experience with my parents in Asia, Africa and America so it was not the first time but my mind has changed. Before I wanted to come home as soon as possible and now I want to be abroad every single time. I crave for travels, discovering new landscapes, new cultures, meeting new people, make friends with people I am not supposed to meet if I stay in France. This is what makes me who I became and who I am now. I am very determined and I have a lot of ambition.  My motto is to make dreams, set up goals and achieve them. I live thanks to this. Otherwise I think that life has no sense to be lived.

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