Student Profiles : Quan Wanyue and Sun Lingzi

Wanyue, Quan

My name is Quan Wanyue, and I am 22 years old. I am from Urumqi, the northwest of China, and in my hometown there are many minorities. We have different cultures and we speak different languages. So I also have many minority friends. I think I am pretty good at adapting to different cultures. During my spare time, I like to paint, especially to paint foods, because I really like to eat different kinds of food. What I also like is mahjong, which is popular game in China, and I often play it with my family or my friends. I think I am really good at mahjong. I also learnt Chinese kung fu when I was a child, although I have forgotten most of them. I think I am a little bit shy. If there are too many strangers, I would like to be quiet and just listen. And what I like most is traveling, I went to a lot of different places, such as Korea, Taiwan. I also like reading books, especially detective fictions. The writer I love most is DONGYEGUIWU, who is a famous Japanese writer. I have almost read all of his book, it’s really interesting. And I wish one day I can speak French fluently.

Lingzi, Sun
My name is Sun Lingzi. I am a student of the program in “International luxury industry marketing and management”. My hometown is situated in the north-east of China which is famous for its wonderful snow-covered landscape. There are a large number of tourists visiting there especially in winter with extremely cold weather. They are engaged in skiing there. However,to be honest,I seldom to do it. In my spare time,I am keen on jogging to build my body stronger.
    Also I think that it can temper my patience and stamina. I think that I am firmly determined,I will persist until my target is attained. The typical example is my experience of losing my weight. When I entered in university,my obese body created big troubles to me.Not only did I need to try every means so as to pass the PE tests, but I also the target of laughter from other students. To get rid of such situation and also to shape myself a healthy figure,I determined to get slim. Seeking help from the professional fitness trainer,and also trying to  create healthy recipe tailored for myself,I finally managed to reduce my weight from 115kg to 60kg within one year.Regardless of intense mental and physical sufferings,the solid faith to have a good-shaped body motivated me to persist,and now I am super proud of my healthy fitness as well as the never-giving up determination in front of difficulties.
    In additionmy learning ability is also the strength I possess. The high scores achieved in the core classes in my college enhance my comprehensive competence in advertising, marketing,management and culture awareness.
    The strong self-adaption ability and excellent communication skill as well as cooperation skill allow me to get familiar in a strange environment with strange people easily. And I am able to be a leader to regulate a small team if they believe me.

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