TBS Paris and the Future of International Mobility & Transport Management

TBS Paris Mobility and Transport

TBS Paris is proud to announce its new Master of Science in International Mobility & Transport Management which will open in February 2019. According to the European Commission the transport industry directly employs around 10 million people and accounts for about 5% of gross domestic product (GDP). The transportation sector is composed of companies that provide services or infrastructure to move people and goods. The mobility can take place in the forms of shipping, trucking, airlines, parcel delivery and railroads.

As the world continues to globalize and online shopping becomes the new normal for consumers, this sector will grow. With growth and new consumer expectations, the sector will have to adopt new business models that rely on new technologies for optimization of services. Efficient strategic management and new directives on decarbonizing and “greening” by governments world-wide, will completely change the way this sector operates giving way to new innovative transport systems.

Evidence of transport innovation can be found in nearly every echelon of the transport sector from the Amazon flying warehouse or “airborne fulfillment center” (AFC), using drones to make home delivers to hovering cars benefiting from an electromagnetic highway infrastructure.
French companies are also making their mark in the field of mobility transport applying their scientific and innovative expertise to ventures such as:

  • Bell’s urban air taxi which partnered with the French aerospace giant Safran to manufacture the vertical take-off and landing of the aircraft.
  • Renault which is heavily invested in the Irish company iCabbi and its artificial intelligence system which is revolutionizing the way that vehicle fleets are managed in both B2C and B2B business models.
  • Flying Whales who has teamed up with China to ensure payload management to land-locked companies and acting as an alternative to traditional cargo shipment.
  • The city of Toulouse which aims to become the European Transport hub of the future, is hosting to the American company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and assisting in its development of the first full-scale passenger capsule. It is also the home of the French start-up EVA which is developing an electric flying car in which passengers can access at the street level.

For more information about the Master of Science in International Mobility and Transport Management, please click here.

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